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Wooden Weave Headboard

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

How to build a Weave Headboard

I have seen the trend of leather weave headboards but I wanted to take it to the next level. This easy headboard has so much character, as every piece of wood is never the same. Wood adds an element of warmth to any space and the weave adds a touch of art.

Materials for a Queen:

3 - 2"x2" Pine furring strips

2 - 4'x8' 1/8" Plywood

2.5" Trim Finishing Head Screws

Titebond III Wood Glue

5/8" 18 G. Brad Nails

Tool List:

Kreg Rip Cut

Circular Saw

Brad Nailer


Step 1: Build your headboard frame (to desired size) using your 2x2's and Screws

Step 2: Rip down your plywood (to desired width - mine are 6 in.) Both vertical and horizontal Using a Kreg Rip Cut

Step 3: Glue and nail down your vertical strips to your frame on the horizontal 2x2

Step 4: Weave your horizontal pieces over and under your vertical pieces and slide it up into place.

Step 5: Continue this process.

Step 6: Once all pieces are in place glue and nail down the bottom of the vertical pieces on the 2x2 frame. Then nail the horizontal pieces on both ends on the 2x2 frame.

Step 7: Finish to desired look - add legs to stand and mount to your bed frame or add picture hooks and hang on the wall

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