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Tree Cookie Coffee Table

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Using bow-tie joints, hairpin legs and polyurethane I was able to turn this rough cut cookie slab into a beautiful side table. I love trying new wood working techniques and this was my guinea pig for bow-tie joints.

So what are bow-tie joints?

Bow-Tie joints (also known as butterfly joints) are a type of inlay joint used to hold two or more pieces of wood together.

For this specific project they were completely necessary to bridge a crack, that had the potential to continue splitting.

Step 1: Draw out the shape of a bow-tie on a piece of wood & cut out the shape

Step 2: Trace the bow-tie directly on the face of the slab using a pencil or marking knife.

Step 3: Cut out the shape using a chisel or router about 3/4" deep

Step 4: Glue & Place! You may need a hammer or mallet to get the bow-tie set into the inlay.

Step 5: Remove bark from around the edge of the cookie, if it does not fall off naturally you can use a chisel and mallet, removing as much as possible (if you don't it may fall off over time)

Step 6: Using an orbital sander, sand the face of the slab starting with 80 Grit. DO NOT apply pressure when sanding. Let the sander do the work, all you need to do is gently guide it. Once it has been fully sanded vacuum any dust and wipe with a tack cloth. Gently mist the slab with water. Repeat the process using 120 Grit-(Sand, Vacuum, Wipe) and then again with 220 Grit.

Step 7: Apply 2-3 coats of Polyurethane - Follow the directions on the label. I used a Semi-Gloss Water Based Polyurethane

Step 8: Attach hairpin legs in your desired length. I used 16" hairpin legs to achieve a similar height of a coffee table.

Option to purchase here: Tree Slab Table

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