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Guest Bedroom Refresh

I love having guests. period. I want people to want to come visit me, I want people to feel comfortable in my home and in my opinion my house is small. The guest bedroom is tiny so I wanted to make sure whatever I did, it was going to be cozy and home-y.

The bedroom is also going to have a Phase I & Phase II. So lets talk about Phase I. PAINT!!!!

I have been wanting to paint something black lately, is it because it's trendy or is it because I actually enjoy black paint? Idk, but spoiler alert, I painted a wall in the guest bedroom black!

If you haven't read up on my Bathroom Makeover you should, because I used a similar paint technique in the guest bedroom. I started off painting the wall BLACK by Behr in a flat finish, mainly because I didn't like the glare from the window on Egg-Shell (which is typically my go-to). I did 3 coats because with matte/flat paint you tend to see roller lines and imperfections really easily.

My ultimate goal would be a neon light with a cute quote but that ish is expensive and I am balling on a budget so my 2nd thought was OKOKOK, I could use the same paint technique as the bathroom and paint a cute quote on my wall! HA.... wishful thinking, I am not that skilled, my hand writing sucks and I don't have a projector. 3rd thought..... what if I painted a picture? *not me running to pinterest*. I found the perfect abstract line art of half of a woman's face who is sleeping. I love it. Sold. Lets get to work shall we??

It took me a couple of tries to get the sizing and shape right but using chalk I drew out the outline of the face and went from there. In my opinion, she turned out s'cute. It is subtle like I wanted but so chic. This technique is such a fun alternative to wallpaper. Wallpaper can cost some serious money and I just don't think it's worth the money in the long run. Paint is affordable and easy to cover once when you decide you hate what you did haha.

Tell me what you think in the comments about using the Matte/Semi-Gloss paint trick!

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