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Bathroom Makeover Phase I

Hey guys! I finally got around to doing the Bathroom Makeover, but here is the question, WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG!!! When I repainted the entire interior of my home back in May I skipped the bathroom out of pure laziness (I didn't want to tape off everything nor did I want to prime the horrid blue walls). I finally got a wild hair up my a** and got to work. I made a TikTok on this project and went viral, nbd, only got 1M+ views.

Phase I is strictly cosmetic. Paint is POWERFUL. I did do a little board & batten action in there with a peg rail (which I love). Doing the math for board & batten spacing makes me want to absolutely pull my hair out, no matter how many blogs I read on it. I used 1x4 pre-primed MDF for the boards & the batten. I replaced the baseboards and used 4ft boards for the vertical boards and then capped it off with another horizontal board. I will do a more in detail blog post on the steps for board & batten but it is an easy, more affordable, wall treatment.

I recruited a couple of friends and primed the walls using KILZ ORIGINAL PRIMER and painted the walls using Swiss Coffee by Behr Paint & Primer. For the board & batten I used Creamy Mushroom by Behr Paint & Primer and it was the perfect tan for this bathroom, I tried other popular tan colors and they came off SO purple, creamy mushroom was **CHEFS KISS PERFECT**. I ordered Wooden Shaker Pegs for the Peg Rail and screwed them into some pilot holes. PS. they feel extremely sturdy! 10/10 recommend.

Now lets get into the best part of the entire bathroom.......The accent wall about the board & batten. If you look closely you can see some shinny lines and dots. I am not going to say I am a genius, but I am a genius. I asked my friends what their favorite swear words were and I literalllyyyyy translated all those words and phrases into morse code and painted it on my walls. Guaranteed you would be offended if you knew what it said, but you don't so for now, its a cute affordable wall accent!!

Here is how I did it: I painted this one wall in Matte Swiss Coffee and used Semi-Gloss Swiss Coffee to do the morse code, it is subtle. It is classy. It is a cheap alternative to Wall Paper. And it is cute.

Overall, this project costed $129 and took 2 days, that is a win for me!

Phase II, some plans I have:

-Tile the shower

-Double Vanity

-Expose hardwood floors (if they are under there)

-New vanity lights



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