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Tools for Beginner DIYers & Builders


Experience Level: Beginner

This is the perfect tool if you are not quite ready to invest in a table saw. Table Saws can be intimidating but luckily with the Kreg Rip Cut you can still get the same results with confidence. The Rip Cut attaches to your circular saw and has an edge guide to help you make those long straight cuts that are perfect for building cabinets or cutting down shiplap.


Experience Level: Beginner

Honestly, everyone should have a tape measure and while in theory any tape measure would work, I have been plesantly surprised with the Komelon Evolution Self-Lock. Not only is it an awesome tape measure with an automatic blade lock, the whole back side of the tape has measurement conversions and an awesome cheat sheet!


Experience Level: Beginner

These Wren Bar Clamps are a must for anyone and everyone who wants to start building or doing DIYs. They come in many sizes but I have found that my 24" and 36" bar clamps get the most use! The Micro-Adjust handle is my favorite feature, allowing you to tighten the clamp as tight as possible unlike the ratcheting bar clamps. You will never have enough clamps. 

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