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Adventures In The Bean x Bean Handmade Co

I was visiting my moms’ friend who had two matching Vintage Aloha Campers sitting in their yard side by side. They had every intention of restoring them and making them into his & hers campers. Every time I went over there I would jokingly say “if you ever want to get rid of one let me know!” and finally that day came true on June 2nd 2019. I had no business taking on this big of a project by myself, but I was so excited and had big dreams for me and this little bean. It took me exactly 11 months and 22 days from start to “finish” (but are they ever truly finished). I did probably 90% of this rebuild completely by myself, I worked late into the nights and while snow was falling. I am extremely grateful for the people who stepped up when I need help with electricity/propane and when I felt overwhelmed with a seemingly never-ending project. My goal with The Bean was to be able to experience freedom, to have the opportunity to pack up and go without worrying. Where will I stay? Can I afford a hotel? Will I be able to take the dogs? Etc. With my friends getting married and having babies and living hundreds of miles away, it’s the perfect home away from home when I want to go visit them without stressing them out with me and my big dogs. The Bean project lit a fire under me and pushed me to realize that building is something I am extremely passionate about. Since finishing The Bean I have been commissioned to renovate a fifth wheel, build furniture for other vintage trailers, and build furniture for local customers, thus came Bean Handmade Co. I learned so much about myself in this process and I cannot wait for all of our future adventures together and to share those with you. 

xoxo Nicole

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